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Learning Services

Learning Services


We DESIGN Learning

Using a systematic process, known as the ADDIE model, we define what is to be learned by doing a thorough learning needs assessment. Then, we design how it is to be learned, produce all the materials, implement the learning project, gather feedback and determine the effectiveness of a learning or training program.  As part of this process, we develop all necessary instructional materials and activities. We also ensure the results will be valuable.


We MANAGE Online Learning

We take care of the online delivery of your training. If learning is to be accessed online, we can use Learning Management Systems to host, deliver and track your learning for you. We can provide your learners with a portal from which they can easily access their training and provide comprehensive reports so you can track the progress of your staff. The portal can incorporate a mix of in-class and online training if required.


We CREATE Courses

If your needs are very specific and cover a particular topic, we can custom build courses with specific learning objectives and outcomes. We have content expertise in social sciences and communication. In any case, we can work with your subject-matter expert to develop a course that fits your needs. We develop all sort of courses and for diverse purposes. All related teaching materials and tools for evaluating learning is also produced.

Change is the end result of all true learning