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Teamwork Gives you an Edge

Teamwork is an essential aspect of any successful project – be it any business, an organization or NGO. The 5 Behaviors of A Cohesive Team by Patrick Lencioni details the ways people can discover how to build an effective and cohesive team. Teamwork allows businesses and companies to achieve their objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. It allows the creation of a system that works via collaboration and generates a product that is an amalgamation of all the effort that goes into it - a sum that is greater than the parts.

Here are 5 reasons why teamwork is important for the success of your project:

Creates a more empowered way of working

The collaboration between several people creates a team that is stronger in numbers; hence resulting in an environment that is much more empowered that would be possible for a single person to create. It allows the team to have their own support system and fall back upon each other in case one of the members in unable to complete a task. It removes any constraints that could be preventing someone for doing their job properly. Every individual in the team is able to maximize their abilities and cover up their weaknesses by sharing the tasks and hence doing what they’re best at.

Fosters responsiveness, flexibility and the ability to adapt to change

Working via a team allows the creation of a dynamic that is beneficial to everyone involved – especially when it comes to adapting to change. Teamwork allows businesses to respond and adapt to change at a pace that would be impossible otherwise. It creates a more smooth and efficient system that has the ability to regulate itself and, moreover, stay fully up to date without any delays and problems.

Promotes a sense of equity, achievement and camaraderie that is integral to a workplace

When the team is able to go through the highs and the lows, the pressures and the deadlines altogether, it helps them develop support systems with each that helps them cope up with any difficult situation at hand. Moreover, the collective sense of achievement that will come from fulfilling tasks is a great motivation to push farther and do better for every individual involved in the team.

Pleases clients who enjoy collaborating with good teams

Clients usually hand in orders that take a team to fulfill. This often requires the client to consistently review and evaluate the work that is being done in order to keep everyone in track with the client’s vision and not stray too far away from the task at hand. Teamwork allows the creation of a collaborative and interactive system with the client – allowing you to put a good interface and representative of your business for your client but also having a team behind them that is constantly listening to the clients through the representatives and completing their own tasks on track.

When managed properly, teamwork creates a much more efficient system

While there must be a mediator or leader involved in effectively handling a team, it has been repeatedly proven that teamwork does a much better job in generating a good end-product.

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