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Leading with Authenticity

Leading with Authenticity

Leading with Authenticity is a 21-hour leadership development program for leaders.

Program Outline


Through simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, application exercises, group discussion and skill building leaders walk away with advanced competencies.

  • Module 1: Principles of Authentic Leadership

    §  The fundamentals of leadership and authenticity

    §  The challenges of exercising authentic leadership

    §  The myths of leadership

    §  The difference between leadership and management

    §  The various work priorities of organizational leaders

  • Module 2: Understanding Leadership Styles

    § The Big Five personality traits

    § Developing personal philosophies on leadership

    § Goleman’s six emotional leadership styles and other conceptions

    § Your strengths and weaknesses as a leader

  • Module 3: Building a Leadership Brand

    §  The characteristics of a personal brand and how they matter in leadership

    §  Developing, solidifying and communicating your brand

    §  Establishing and solidifying a vision

    §  How to establish and maintain a strong mission and culture

    §  Developing personal improvement initiatives

  • Module 4: Traits of Successful Leaders

    §  The varying characteristics of a transformative leader

    §  How leaders can tailor their approach by applying situational leadership

    §  Principles of Servant Leadership

    §  Applying coaching skills

  • Module 5: Empowering Followers

    §  The principles and elements of empowerment

    §  The source of a leader’s powers

    §  The difference between commitment and compliance motivation

    §  The impact of empowerment on employee performance

    §  How to develop trust with your followers

  • Module 6: Leadership Communication

    §  The three major aspects of leadership communication

    §  Effective presentation and interpersonal skills

    §  How to better interpret body language and develop listening capacities

    §  Strategies to connect with the system’s many stakeholders

    §  Communicating during a time of change or crisis

  • Module 7: Navigating through Conflicts

    §  The characteristics of conflict resolution

    §  Your own style and responses to conflict situations

    §  Understanding other people’s conflict behaviors

    §  Strategies to curb varying destructive responses to conflict

    §  How to transform conflicts into more productive events

  • Module 8: Decision-Making for Leaders

    §  The characteristics of strong decision making

    §  How and when to apply critical thinking in the decision process

    §  Useful models to make difficult choices

    §  The merits of integrative thinking to make tough decisions in schools

    §  Specific models that can be apply for successful decision making.


The cost will be $1,995.00 + GST per person and includes all program materials.

For more information on our programs, please contact us directly at faudet@learnsq.com.