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Competence. Passion. Growth.

Our story

Our mission is to create and deliver learning solutions that strengthen the clients we serve.

Whether called agora, forum or piazza, European squares are intimately connected places. It is a place for dialogue and discussion, meetings and greetings. It is a place for shared experiences and where bonds between people are formed. This is in Learn Square’s DNA.

We will always strive to create the learning atmosphere you can find in a European Square.

Our learning roots run deep. We’ve always been individuals highly centered on growth, both personal and professional. After all, we’ve built our career and reputation on it. Einstein once said that we grow, or we die. We are sold on this. 

For an organization to fully accomplish its potential, it must grow. More importantly, it has to offer its employees strong opportunities to get better. Employees are at the center of a business’ vitality, so let’s take good care of them. That’s where we partner with you. 

Let’s grow meaningfully together.  Contact us at 403.831.2915

our growth enabler-in-chief


"Frederick is an energetic, positive and dedicated professional who strives to achieve excellence. We are very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with such an outstanding professional."

-Former Supervisor

Frédérick Audet

From journalist and radio announcer to high school teacher and business owner, Frederick possesses the drive and talent to succeed. With almost 15 years in learning and development, Frederick knows how learning works. His life took him on a wild road of personal and professional growth. Since 2007, he has delivered countless professional development workshops and keynote address across Alberta. As such, he has built a reputation of being an outstanding public speaker. He has proven time and again his abilities in communication, leadership, facilitation and coaching. Fully bilingual, Frederick consistently puts the quality of instruction at the forefront of what he does. Through Learn Square Inc., he sticks by what drives him every day: only produce quality work (competency), always deliver with punch (passion) and all in all make the client better (growth).


B.A., Communication

Bachelor of Education

Certificate in Adult Education

Professional Certification

Certified Coach Practitioner


 Accredited Facilitator